How do You Unlock a Miter Saw? Easy Explanation (With Pictures)

A miter saw gives the woodworker a professional touch. When you’re ready to use it, you must unlock the miter saw first. So how do you unlock a miter saw?

Miter saw is portable, sets up in minutes and folds into a convenient package that is easy to handle. When you’re ready to use it, two different locks keep the saw safe and accurate; a lock on the back controls the up and down movement of the blade. A lock opposite angles control.

What is a miter saw used for?

As the name suggests, a miter saw makes miter cuts . Thanks to it, you can make corner cuts (the surface of the object is cut at an angle) as well as bevel cuts (the edge of the object is cut at an angle). 

In order to be able to use the saw, it is necessary to unlock its miter saw arm. In order to be able to unlock the saw arm there is an obstacle that must be pulled and the saw arm rises by itself, and in order to be able to use it, it must go through a series of safety mechanisms.

Their role is to avoid accidental lowering of the saw. There are three elements that must be operated simultaneously, the button above, the lever that unlocks the disc player and the start button, and then you can lower the miter saw and use it.

How to unlock your miter saw

Your saw has two locking mechanisms for safety and precise cutting. The power head locks down for transportation and storage. 

The miter saw locks in position so that you can set your angles and make precision cuts. When you are ready to use your miter saw, you will need to know how to unlock the miter saw and start working. 

All miter saws unlock in the same way, although their pins may be in different positions on the head of the motor home.

Step to Unlock the Miter Saw

  1. Unplug the miter saw power cord from the wall outlet.
  2. Grab the miter saw to be managed with one hand and press to relieve the tension on the locking pin.
  3. Pull the locking pin near the table and the motorized head to unlock the motorized head from the lowered position. 
  4. Slowly release the pressure on the head of the miter saw motor and allow the head of the motor home to become aware of the fully open position.
  5. Twist the handle button on the table lever to the left to unlock the table hinge. 
  6. Turn the table to the desired angle using the handle to move the table left or right. 
  7. Turn the handle knob to the right to lock the table in place. 
  8. The miter saw is now unlocked and ready to cut.

Steps to Lock Miter Saw

  1. Pull the power cord from the outlet when you have finished your cutting project.
  2. Unlock saw to the table using the handle knob and turn the transom so that the handle is facing the front of the bolster. 
  3. Turn the handle knob to the right to lock the table.
  4. Put the motorized head on the table using the motorized head manage.
  5. Insert the pin lock between the engine block and the switchboard, then slowly release your grip from the power head handle. 
  6. The miter saw is now ready for storage or transport.

Tips and Warnings

  • Never carry the miter saw by its handle when the motor unit is unlocked. This can damage the miter saw.

Position Lock


The blade in the low position keeps the saw safe for transport and transportation, and whenever the saw is not in use. 

The guard covers the upper part of the blade. The teeth or lower body of the blade is securely tucked under the table, locked at the back where the blade pivots. A single button controls the lock.

Push or pull


The lock consists of a button and pin. Pull or push the button on the end of the spindle to release or block the blade. 

Depending on the model, it may require twisting, but there is usually only one inward, outward movement of the spindle.

 The blade should lift automatically when the spindle is released. The goalkeeper should cover the blade as he lifts. If it does not, it is likely dirty or stuck and should be cleaned to move freely with the blade.

Angle Locks


Two locks on the front of the saw control the angles. The large knurled, horizontal button locks the left; on the right the pivoting action of the blade. 

The lever under the button locks and frees up presets for common angles. Depending on the model, some manufacturers place the lever on top of the knob – it works the same way. 

Other models may or may not have locking controls on the front, such as some models of combination miter saws.

Knurled lock button


Turn the clamping wheel counterclockwise to unlock the action of the blade from side to side pivoting.

Preset corner lock


Press the lever to release the preset angle. It’s spring loaded- use the index or middle finger to depress.

Swivel and lock


Pivot the handle while pressing the lever at the same time to adjust the angle. Stop swiveling at any time for custom angles or allow the lever to engage preset angles. 

You will feel and hear a click when the lever passes over the predefined notches. Release the lever to engage the presets. When the angle is set, turn the dial clockwise to lock it in place.

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How to unlock a Ryobi 10 miter saw

The 10-inch Ryobi compound miter saw uses a circular blade to cut through material, such as wood. The blade attaches to an arm that bolts to a table. 

You can change the angle of the blade at the table and cut different angles in the material. 

When you store your Ryobi compound miter saw, you push the blade into the table and lock the arm in place with a small thumbtack. 

You must unlock your Ryobi 10 compound miter saw before you can use it.

Steps to unlock a Ryobi miter saw

1) Place the Ryobi as you can see the back. This positions the saw blade on your right and the motor housing on your left.

2) Look under the blade motor housing. The housing has several air vents cut into it to allow the engine to breathe.

3 )Locate the silver metal pushpin under the crankcase going to the left side of the blade arm.

4 )Press the carrying handle to suspend the blade into the base of the Ryobi miter saw and then push the pin as far as you can. With the pushpin pushed in, lift the carrying handle.

Tips and Warnings

If you do not hold the handle as you push it in the axis, the saw blade will germinate and could damage the saw.

How to Unlock a Ridgid Compound Miter Saw

One of the basic safety mechanisms on a Ridgid miter saw is the lock. A saw cements the upper and lower locking assemblies, shields the blade behind the blade guard and makes the device compact and easy to store.

 Unlocking a Ridgid Compound Miter Saw just follow this instructions:


• Unplug the saw. Place it on top of a sturdy bench or table.

• Grasp the handle with your right hand and gently press the upper spring assembly to release the pressure. 

With your left hand, pull the locking pin straight out of the saw until it stops. The locking pin is on the rear left of the saw where the upper and lower assemblies meet.

• Release the upper assembly and let rise in the vertical position.

How to Unlock a Sliding Compound Miter Saw

The Sliding Compound miter saw is a good choice for cutting angles for moldings or baseboards. 

One of the safety features of the miter saw is the locking of the saw head when it is not in use, which keeps the saw blade from being exposed. 

Before using the machine, you must unlock the miter saw head. Fortunately, the locking mechanism is generally the same on all Compound Miter Saws.


Press the handle of the Sliding Compound miter saw, if you have a portable or slip model. If you have a miter table saw, press the top of the saw.

Locate the locking bolt on the base of the saw body near the hinge. The pin looks like an unthreaded bolt with a round, flat head.

Pull the spindle until it dislodges from the blocking hole. You will hear “pop” on, as well as feel. The spindle does not remove from the saw.

Leave the Sliding Compound miter saw head to raise slowly until it is fully. Do not allow the saw head to jerk, as this may cause damage to the saw.

Turn the knob on the back of the saw body counterclockwise if you have a sliding miter saw. This unlocks the sliding saw back and forth.

Tips and Warnings

  • Always lock the saw before transporting, and do not transport it while it is unlocked.



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