How to Remove Stains From Wood

Before you know it, a stain appears on your favorite furniture but you don’t have to spend a fortune to remove the stains from wood furniture.

Although there are many ways how to remove stains from wood using wood cleaning and maintenance products on the market, it is very important to apply the right solution for each problem.To remove stains from wood use the following methods:

  • Use of baking soda
  • Use of detergents
  • White vinegar
  • Toothpaste.

We tell you the simplest and quickest tricks on how to remove the most common stains from wood and all we have to do is follow the instructions!

Regardless of the type of stains, before removing them, make sure that the methods you will use will not destroy the furniture, trying the respective solutions on a less visible surface of the furniture first.

stain removal

How to Remove Stains From Wood Furniture

Wooden furniture is the most demanding, because it is made of basic raw material. It is for this reason that it is always of better quality and lasts longer, especially if it is properly cleaned.

Here’s what you have to do to remove stains from wood and get a flawless cleaning:

  1. First, wipe the dust with a soft, dry cloth or a microfiber towel that will not scratch the surface.
  1. If there are stains on the furniture, remove them with a solution of warm water and soap. Moisten a clean cloth and then squeeze it as thoroughly as possible before cleaning the furniture (plenty of water does not do the wood well).
  1. For dry stains, slightly more resistant, which is not taken with soap and water, dilute a few drops of white vinegar in warm water and wipe the surface with a soft cloth.
  1. For the maintenance and protection of the furniture, apply a cleaning spray (check that it has silicone in its composition) or a wax for finishing the wood. Your furniture will regain its luster and original look.

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How to remove different type of stains from wood

How to Remove Nail Polish Stains from Wood

We all know how difficult is to remove nail stains from wood, especially if we think about its strength on the nails.

But when it comes to removing a stain from the wooden or laminate flooring, things are much more serious because the material can be damaged and get an extremely unsightly look.

remove nail polish stain from wood

There is an extremely simple and fast solution with which you can remove nail polish stains from wood: the hair spray.

  1. All you have to do is spray a considerable amount of hair spray over the wood surface
  2. Wait a few seconds
  3. Wipe with a dry cloth or sponge.
  4. The procedure is repeated several times until the stain is removed.

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How to Remove Grease Stains from Wood

We want to know how the grease stains on the wood floor got, but we know how problematic they can be. If the stain is fresh there are very high chances of completely removing it, but if the stain is very old the chances are lower:

  1. The first thing you need to do is apply an ice pack until the fat hardens.
  2. Lightly scrape with a plastic spoon or knife.
  3. You can also use talcum powder to sprinkle on the stain
  4. Then gather all the grease stain and wipe with a soft cloth.

If the stain is older, wash the place with a little warm water and dishwasher and let it dry. If you have not removed the grease by this method, use a window cleaning solution.

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Remove Alcohol Stains from Wood

To remove the alcohol stains from wood do the following steps:

  1. Wipe the surface once with a dry cloth.
  2. After that, apply a cleaner for ferrous metals to clean the stains, but taking care of its concentration.

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How to Remove Ink stains or markers from Wood

The easiest way to clean ink or tar stains on the wood is to rub the dirty spot with a slice of lemon.

After that, wipe the floor well with a cloth soaked in hot water and detergent.

It is important to carefully wipe the excess water from the cloth before cleaning the flooring.

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Remove Water stains from Wood

Apparently, the water stains on the wood or parquet floor are more difficult to clean than you think, especially if the stain is old.

Use a paste made of butter and cigarette ash with which to anoint the stained place. Then wipe with a slightly damp cloth.

How to Remove Burning spots From Wood

remove burning stains from wood

The burn marks on the wood can be removed by wiping them with a solution for cleaning the metal and then applying a mixture of salt and vegetable oil.

After this mixture has been left for a few hours, the affected areas will be wiped with a clean cloth.

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How to Remove Stains from Wood using Home Products

We will teach you some cheap options that will be handy for removing stains from wood right at home.

Always test on a small portion before. These uses are recommended only for painted or painted wood:

Use of baking soda to remove stains from wood caused by dyes

remove wood stains with baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate, if you didn’t already know, is among the best cleaning agents you can find at home.

To remove stains caused by dyes on wooden furniture, all you have to do is mix a little baking soda with lemon juice or distilled vinegar.

Once you have obtained a paste from these ingredients, you can spread it on the stained surface.

Now, use the sponge to gently rub on the wooden surface. After the stain has been removed, clean all the paste from the wood surface. You can rinse it with a little simple water.

Moisten the stain left by the glasses and immediately sprinkle baking powder. Use a damp cloth to spread the baking powder well and gently rub the water stain until the white is completely gone.

Use of detergents on non-greasy spots to remove stains from wood

For persistent stains and stains, we recommend using any dish detergent you have in the kitchen. Mix the dishwasher with hot water and then soak any type of cloth in the solution container.

Once the cloth is sufficiently soaked, you can begin to rub the wood surface until you see the desired results. Keep in mind, however, that this method is only for non-sticky spots.

Vaseline to remove stains from wood

If there are still white circles from the damp glasses and cups placed directly on the wooden furniture, apply a thin layer of Vaseline and let it work overnight.

The next day, gently rub the grease stains with the help of a soft polyamide cloth, and they will disappear.

Use Salt to remove stains from wood

Like baking powder, your salt helps to remove of the water stains on your wood furniture.

Sprinkle a thick layer of salt on the table or library, where water or juice has been spilled, and wait until the salt absorbs moisture. Then wipe the salt with a soft cloth.

Toothpaste to remove stains from wood

Most of the time, the traces of moisture remain either from hot coffee cups or from misty glasses with cold liquids.

remove stains from wood with toothpaste

If the wood is deeply affected by moisture, gently rub the stains with toothpaste and a soft brush. Afterwards, wipe with a damp cloth and spray a special solution to give the wood gloss.


The white traces of water on the wood can also be removed with vinegar:

  1. Mix equal parts vinegar and oil
  2. Rub the water stains with this mixture.
  3. The vinegar will restore the color of the wood, and the oil will give it shine.

Car wax

If you have water stains on the wood or wooden furniture and it is varnished, it is best to rub the wax stains on the cars. You can find it at any car wash or in the car shops.

How to Remove varnish from wood without chemicals

However, there are simple and non-toxic ways to remove varnish from wood and small imperfections, stains and scratches, and keep the wood floor shine, and we present 4 of them.

  1. Baking dust

Mix one tablespoon of baking powder with one teaspoon of water. Apply the paste formed on the stained place on the coffee table or on any other wooden surface.

  1. Salt

Shake a few drops of water and a teaspoon of salt to make a paste. Put the paste on a soft sponge or cloth and gently wipe the stains. Then apply gloss paint.

  1. Toothpaste

Put ordinary toothpaste on a soft cloth and wipe the stains off the wooden table. Remove the paste with a dry towel and wait for the surface to dry before lacquering. To get a stronger solution, mix toothpaste with baking powder.

  1. White vinegar

Mix white vinegar with olive oil in equal quantities. Soak a fine sponge in solution and apply on the stain.

Here is another easy methods how to remove oil based stain from wood!

How to Remove Wood Stains From Particle Board

Also a material from which the furniture is made is particle board , which is obtained by pressing chopped pieces of wood, glued together with various adhesives.

For cleaning it, take into account the same tricks as in the case of wooden furniture:

  • Use a soft cloth, made of cotton or microfiber, to clean the furniture without scratching it. You can make only a few good cloths for cleaning your old and worn out t-shirts that you no longer wear.
  • To clean the surfaces of particle board , use commercial products such as sprays specially designed for furniture.
  • In the case of ink stains or traces of marker and pen, your reaction speed is extremely important. To prevent the ink from penetrating the wood, wipe the affected surface quickly with a wax-based cleaning product.
  • If the stain on the furniture is fresh, another solution would be a mixture between dishwasher and warm water. For stains that are difficult to remove, dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water. Soak a cloth in this solution and clean the stained surface.
  • For grease stains, you can use a window cleaner that does not contain alcohol or ammonia, as these substances can damage the wood.

How to Remove Stains from MDF Wood Furniture.

Like particle board, MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) is made from chopped pieces of wood, but the difference is that the wood is better chopped before pressing.

In fact, the MDF has a higher density and is more resistant than the particle board.

  1. The first step to cleaning the furniture from the MDF is to wipe the dust with a soft, dry cloth.
  1. Use wood furniture cleaning products, but then wipe the surfaces with a dry cloth so that no marks or stains remain.
  1. To keep the furniture shine, you can use a special wood wax.

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Although it seems a difficult task, it is not at all difficult to maintain the wooden furniture.

When cleaning the furniture, always use soft cloths, made of textile or microfiber material, to avoid scratching the surfaces.

The simplest solution for cleaning the stains on the wood is the mixture between water and soap.

Keep furniture away from heat sources and maintain a constant temperature in the house.

How do you get black stains out of wood?

To remove the black stains from wood do the following:
1.Mix a cup of of warm water with a cup of vinegar in a bucket.
2.Soak a cloth in the mix solution and apply of the black stain
3.Scrub the area until the black stain is gone

How do you remove deep stains from wood?

To remove the deep stains from wood follow the next steps:
1.Put non gel toothpaste on a cloth
2.Rub the cloth to the deep stain
3.After the stain is clean, remove the toothpaste with a dry towel


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